K-9 Catholic School Coming to Rivers Edge

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How Do Architectural Guidelines Enhance Your Community?

What if all the homes on a street, or within a community, looked exactly the same on the outside? That would be repetitive and boring. To provide distinctively styled homes within a unified design palette, Qualico Communities establishes architectural guidelines for each community. Karen Rogers, the Architecture and Landscaping Coordinator at Qualico Communities Edmonton, is

Driving Innovation with Home Hydrogen: Pioneering “A City of the Future” in the Edmonton Region

Imagine the possibilities of smart, completely sustainable cities fifty years in the future. The new Cities of the Future documentary brings those ideas to life, positing cities as the epicentre of sustainable development and change. Engineers are making plans for a sustainable world right now, and these innovative ideas around renewable energy are coming to

The Roles of a Community Developer and a Home Builder

As a community developer, Qualico Communities Edmonton has many partners, including a variety of trusted Home Builders. Here, we’ll clarify our role in the community development process, as well as our professional relationship with a community’s Home Builders. THE DEVELOPER’S ROLE A community Developer, also known as a land Developer, owns a large parcel of

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