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Is it Time to Move Up to a Bigger Home? 7 Ways to Tell if You’re Ready

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Everyone wants to see their house as a palace! However, your perspective can change as you start to outgrow your house. Spaces start to feel confining, anytime you bring in something new you have to throw something else out because there just isn’t the room for it. Sound familiar?

Regardless of how attached you are to your present home, it may be in your best interest to take a closer look at your environment and consider if it’s the right time to move to a bigger house.

Relocating to a larger home has more benefits than just having more space. It can also provide a sense of financial security and give you the satisfaction of buying the home you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re still undecided, look for these eight indicators that validate the need to move into a bigger home.

You Don’t Have Enough Room

The most common motive for relocating to a larger house is to escape the confines of an undersized home. Whenever there’s insufficient space for you and your family (not to mention the periodic visitor), then the time to move has come. 

Do your guests have to sleep on the couch or floor in the bonus room? Is your great room exploding with toys? Is your storage space non-existent? If you answered yes to any of these, you might need to upgrade.

Analyze how much space you have now. Does everything have its own place, or are clothes, bags, and sports equipment cluttering your living areas? If you don’t want to reduce the volume of your possessions, then it’s time to move up to a larger home.

Your Job Situation Has Changed

On average, a person will change jobs 10 – 15 times during their working career, with many spending about five years (or less!) in each position. So, odds are good that your career has evolved since you got into your current house. 

Perhaps your workplace is at the other end of town and requires you to spend extra time commuting each week, or maybe you need to create a home office because you’re working remotely. Regardless of any changes in your career, you need to be sure that your home is practical.

Or maybe you’ve gotten a promotion! We’ll touch on that more in the next point 😉

Is it Time to Move Up to a Bigger Home? 7 Ways to Tell if You're Ready Piggy Bank ImageYou Have More Money to Spend

So maybe the size of your present house isn’t that restricted, but you have the funds for the kind of home you always wanted. If your earnings have increased, or you’ve accumulated plenty of equity in your present home, you may be tempted to begin searching for an upgrade.

When you bought your current house, you didn’t have the funds for those “extras”. But now? You’re finally financially ready for that spa-like ensuite in your master bedroom, or the larger backyard with a real deck.

You’re at a point in your life when you can afford a larger, nicer home. Just be sure you’re aware of the various expenses involved with moving into a bigger residence. The last thing you want is to become “house poor“. If you think you have the budget, you can then begin looking for your dream home.

You Aren’t in Love With Your Neighbourhood

You may enjoy the house you’re living in, but if you don’t like the area you’re on the losing end of the stick. You aren’t able to just pick up your home and place it in the ideal community.

New communities offer green spaces, walking trails, ponds, playgrounds, and more. Buying a home in a new community also offers you more options, allowing you to build the ideal home on the perfect lot.

Something else to take into consideration is your commute time. If the drive to and from your house is annoying and frustrating, take a look at some of the newer, outlying communities. Most of the time these are designed with commuting in mind, so they have quick access to major roadways.

Is it Time to Move Up to a Bigger Home? 7 Ways to Tell if You're Ready Couple ImageYour Family is Expanding

Living in small quarters may be just right for one person or a couple, but when your family begins increasing in number, it makes sense to think about a larger house. Your growing family needs to have adequate room, both indoors and outdoors. 

Be sure there are  enough bedrooms and bathrooms to satisfy your family’s needs, and that your yard space is large enough for your children and play in.

Features such as a mudroom at the entry make a huge difference with clutter and storage. Having a separate bonus room for the kids means no more bins of toys and games scattered around your living room.

Another thing to consider here is an in-law or rental suite. If you’re at a point where parents might be moving in, having a separate in-law suite can be a major relationship-saver. Everyone having their own space will ensure you all have the privacy you want and need. If you choose to go the rental option, it can make a big impact on your mortgage payment. 

Your growing family also includes pets! If you’ve decided it’s time to add a dog (or two) to your family, you want to make sure you have the space for them. This doesn’t just mean a backyard. You need to take into account room for their stuff too – pet beds or a kennel, eating spaces, a litter box if you get your family a cat for snuggling, toys – the list can get extensive. 

It’s Not Economical to Stay

When the expense of keeping up with your existing home stops being affordable, it’s time to think about making a move. Instead of wasting more money, why not consider investing it in a home that doesn’t require as much upkeep? 

Renovations and upgrades to an older home can end up being a bigger headache than it’s worth, in terms of time and cost. You need to take into account the fact you’ll be living in a construction zone for a while, and there could be major problems hidden behind those walls. Those problems usually mean more money to fix them. 

If you have some decent equity but no longer want to struggle with the repairs your aging property needs, relocating to a larger, more modern house is a smart decision to make. 

You Want To Do More

Perhaps you desire a more spacious lawn, with areas for cultivating herbs, flowers, and other plants. Once your garden begins to expand past the patio, it may be the right time to seek out other choices. Turn yourself into the garden enthusiast you’ve always dreamed of by hunting for a new house with ample yard space to seed, grow, and nurture your plants.

It is by no means easy to know for certain if it’s the right time to move. However, if you can connect with some of the signals described above, upgrading to a new, larger home might make the most sense for you.

Original posting date June 17, 2016, updated December 21, 2018.


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