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6 Benefits of Selling your Home in the Winter

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Is your current home feeling old and tired? Is it time for a fresh start? Maybe you’re craving a blank slate of a brand-new build, with a variety of modern, high-tech features. Or, you’re envisioning your family in a beautifully new designed neighbourhood with attractive playgrounds, parks and trails. 

If you’re ready to list your current home, but are hesitant because it’s winter – don’t be. Selling during this time of year has a lot of benefits that include the following:

Save money on landscaping. 
Homeowners who list in the spring and summer need to enhance their curb appeal by carefully grooming their lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers. Since your yard will be covered in snow, it won’t be a focal point for prospective buyers. That said, make sure to keep your driveway and walkways clear and well maintained. If you have an appealing outdoor feature like a deck or patio, keep it as visible as possible, and include summer photos in your home’s online listing.  


Less competition. 
Because many people tend to list in the spring, there are fewer homes on the market in the winter. The reduced number of options means that your home has a better chance of being noticed through an online search or open house. As a result, you’re more likely to sell your home in a timely fashion, at the price you want. 


More serious buyers. 
This is not the season for casual browsing, which is great news for you as a seller. People who inquire about your home or attend viewings are likely serious about moving and may be working with a specific timeline. While it’s true that you may have fewer buyers inquire about the house, their overall motivation will be much higher. In this situation, quality (a buyer’s readiness to make a legitimate offer) counts more than quantity. 


Extra attention from your realtor. 
A slower market during the winter months means that real estate agents are able to devote more time to their clients. Because they have a less demanding schedule of open houses and showings, they can focus on communicating with you and actively promoting your listing. This additional access to an experienced real estate professional is most certainly a bonus. 


Create warm and fuzzy feelings. 
With the chilly weather outside, you have a great opportunity to instantly make your home more inviting. Turn up the thermostat a notch, and prospective buyers will feel snug and cozy when they walk in. Provide a warm welcome by turning on the fireplace and draping a fleece-lined throw over the couch. You can also add a subtle seasonal aroma (such as pine or peppermint) with an air freshener or scented candle. In December, display a few simple holiday decorations to set a joyful and festive tone. 


Get a head start. 
If you’re upgrading to a new build, you will need to consider your construction timeline as you list your current home. Starting the process early in the winter is a wise move, to bypass the stress that comes with selling on a short timeline. In consultation with your home builder, you can determine the sale and possession dates that will be optimal for you. 

So, don’t get cold feet about selling your home in the Winter. It provides advantages you won’t find at other times of the year. Check out more helpful tips below in preparing to sell your home. 


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