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Embrace the Snow By Making These Winter-Themed Treats!

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Winter is the perfect time to stay in and indulge in a few extra treats. Whether you’re throwing a party or just want some fun seasonal sweets to share with the kids, we’ve put together some of the best ideas from around the web. Get ready to delight all of your senses with these goodies.

Embrace the Snow By Making These Winter-Themed Treats! Melted Snowmen ImageMelted Snowman Cookies

This melted snowman treat is incredibly cute, making it a good one to entertain the kids. Simply make your favourite sugar cookie recipe as you always do – it’s OK to cheat and use the pre-made cookie dough – then frost it with white frosting. Top it off with a marshmallow you’ve decorated as a snowman’s face, then draw the arms in the white frosting on the cookie.

Winter Wonderland White Chocolate Popcorn

This white chocolate popcorn is so delicious you’ll probably want to keep the ingredients on hand so you can make it often throughout the winter! Simply melt some white chocolate, then toss it with air-popped popcorn. Quickly lay it out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle it with coloured sugar, sprinkles, or candy snowflakes. You could even use edible glitter for a sparkly effect. 

Snowflake Cream Puffs

A lot of the ideas on this list are pretty cutesy and kid-oriented, but you could easily serve this snowflake cream puff treat at your next cocktail party. Best of all, it uses store-bought puff pastry, so there isn’t a lot of work involved in making the recipe. Just make sure you have a snowflake-shaped cookie cutter before starting. The bigger the cookie cutter, the bigger the puff, so plan accordingly.

Embrace the Snow By Making These Winter-Themed Treats! Pretzel Wands ImageElsa’s Frozen Pretzel Wands

Chocolate-covered pretzel wands are so easy to make and you don’t even need artistic skills get them looking great. For these ones, melt white chocolate and use food colouring to turn it a light blue colour. Dip your pretzel rod into the melted chocolate, sprinkle with sugar or other candies, then let the chocolate harden. If you don’t want these to be Frozen-themed, you could always use dark chocolate with a sprinkle of regular sugar to give them a different look.

Penguin Bananas

Did you know if you dip half of a banana into some melted chocolate in just the right way, it can turn out looking like a delicious penguin treat Top off the look with some candy eyes and Reese’s Pieces for a beak and feet, and you have a cute and healthy snack for the kids. Some kids like frozen bananas, or just put them in the freezer long enough for the chocolate to harden.

Snowball Cupcakes

Make up your favourite recipe of cupcakes, then place a big scoop of frosting on top to make it look like a snowball, and dust with sanding sugar. These snowball cupcakes will taste great and have the look of snow. If you want a bit more decoration, you could add snowflake or ice skate decals.

Maple Syrup Snow Candy

Maple syrup candy is a Canadian favourite, so it’s definitely worth a try! Make sure there’s an area of clean snow on your deck or in your backyard, then pack it down a bit. Alternatively, you can bring some snow inside on a cookie sheet. Heat up your maple syrup until it’s boiling and then pour it onto the snow. It instantly starts to harden, but you can roll it up into a little ball on a stick. 

Snow Cream

Did you know that you can also make ice cream out of the snow? This idea works best with fluffy, freshly-fallen snow, and you simply mix it with some flavouring made from sweetened condensed milk. Leftovers will not last in your freezer, so make just what you will need. Best if all, you can make this snack in a variety of flavours.

Snowman Cheese Ball

All of the snacks on our list so far have been sweet, but you can create this savoury snowman cheese ball for your next party. Instead of one large cheese ball for your platter, you make three balls to create a snowman. Use peppercorns to create the face and buttons. 

Snowman Cheese Sticks

If you’re looking for something that’s healthy for the kids, try a snowman cheese stick. You simply draw a snowman face, buttons, and anything else you want on a pre-wrapped cheese stick. You can make them look extra cute by tying a ribbon around as a scarf or printing out a hat, but that’s not necessary, especially if you just want a quick treat after school.

From sweet to savoury, healthy to just plain delicious, we hope you make winter fun by cooking up some of these treats!


Photo credits: pretzelssnow candycookies
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