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Things to Do With Your New Backyard

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You’ll soon be moving into your shiny new home with the one feature you’ve been dreaming about the most  – a great backyard. Whether you’re looking forward to getting your hands dirty creating the perfect backyard or want to have the builder take care of the work for you, our ideas should help you start thinking about all the ways that you’ll be able to use your new backyard.

Plant a Garden

In most cases, the builder takes care of landscaping in the front yard because it has to meet the community guidelines, but the backyard is all yours. You can plant flowers that will attract birds, bees, and butterflies. You can plant certain types of flowers knowing that their beautiful scent will waft in through your open windows. You might even plant a fruit and vegetable garden to encourage your kids to eat healthier. You’ll love spending nice days digging in the dirt and enjoying the fruit of your labours.

things-new-backyard-teenage-fire-imageRoast Some Marshmallows

Nothing brings your family closer together than the warmth of a fire on a cold autumn night. Consider setting up a fire pit in your backyard. This could be something as elaborate as a brick pit that’s embedded in the design of the patio itself, or you could buy a fire pit from a store like Home Depot. 

As fun as fires can be, remember that they can be also dangerous. Make sure you learn more about community rules for fire pits. For example, you may need to place it a certain distance from your home and place a pre-made pit over a stone area. Once you know the rules, though, be ready to buy some extra wood along with marshmallows and the other fixings for s’mores. They won’t last long!

Create a Play Space for the Kids

Families are especially attracted to homes with large backyards because they’re the perfect place for kids to play. If you have young children or pets, you may want to think about enclosing the backyard with a fence so that little ones can play in safety without running off to where you can’t see them. 

Fenced or not, you’ll want to stock the backyard with fun things for the kids. Swing sets and play structures are almost always a hit with the younger crowd. Sandboxes and pools are also a good choice. You can also check out our backyard games guide if you need some more ideas.

Things to Do With Your New Backyard Woman Rest Image Relax with a Book

Your backyard can be the perfect place to relax when the sun is shining and a cool wind is blowing. Think about how you can set up a relaxing area for you and the others in your family. For instance, you might choose patio furniture that includes plush cushions and a lounge chair that allows you to stretch your legs out. Some people like to hang a hammock in the backyard for naps. Even kids might like a nice little place for doing quiet activities. You can easily make one with a hula hoop and an old bedsheet

Feed the Birds

Many birds fly south for the winter, but the ones who stick around need a good source of food. They can find it in your backyard! Look for different types of bird feeders and get a variety of bird seeds so that you will attract many beautiful birds. Keep a guide to bird identification handy so that you know who’s visiting your yard.

Remember that feeding the birds may mean that other types of wildlife stop by for a treat as well. If you want to keep these other animals away, look for feeder styles that discourage other animals.

Have a Barbeque

Whether it’s just you and the family wanting some burgers on a night that’s just too hot to turn the stove on or whether you’re thinking about having all your family and friends over for a large celebration, you’ll love being able to host a barbeque in your new backyard. 

The key to success is sizing everything to meet your needs. A retired couple who doesn’t entertain often might only need a small grill and patio set, while someone who likes to have others over may need a grill that’s big enough to cook for a crowd and the seating to match. Some people even create an outdoor kitchen to better meet their serious barbequing needs. 

You’re going to be so happy spending time in your backyard, but it starts with creating a space that works for you and your family. Plan ahead for the things you want, then hit the stores to create your perfect backyard.


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