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Home Design Recipe for a Contemporary Look

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You want your new home to look perfect and the best way to do that is to start with a design style in mind. The contemporary look is a very popular choice because there are so many ways to make it your own. Furniture and accessories are available in almost every home store and you can have some fun looking for the right pieces at the thrift or antique stores shops as well.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few tips to help you add some contemporary flair to your home!

Start with Your Colour Palette 

The contemporary look isn’t for those who’ve been dreaming about a bright orange or deep purple accent wall. This style has a strong focus on neutral colours. You might find some layering of those neutral colours, different shades of brown or grey, for instance, but you’ll rarely find the colours of the rainbow taking centre stage, even a tasteful light blue or pale pink. 

Of course, you don’t have to forego all colour. You can incorporate “pops” of colour here and there – a piece of art with some hot pink, a turquoise throw pillow, or some specks of orange in the rug for example. 

Home Design Recipe for a Contemporary Look Living Room ImageChoose Clean Lines 

As you choose furniture, you want to select pieces that have “clean” lines. Most of the time, this means straight lines, but you can also choose slightly curved lines. For instance, an English rolled arm or another timeless style sofa could fit the contemporary look, though they have soft curves. The wood in the furniture should be smooth, not intricately carved. Pay attention to table and chair legs that could have these features as well. 

Incorporate Natural Elements 

Contemporary homes often incorporate natural elements into the design. You might get this effect by having wooden furniture or by including plants in your art and decor choices. Sticks, seashells, and other outdoor items can also be a part of the decorations. 

Home Design Recipe for a Contemporary Look Kitchen ImageCreate Open Spaces 

Modern home builds tend to feature open-concept living areas on the first floor. This fits well with the contemporary look which also emphasizes a sense of openness. Make sure you keep the clutter contained. Containers for the kids’ toys or baskets for your everyday items can help you stay on top of things. 

Maximize the open feel of your space by using the same type of flooring and the same colour on the walls throughout the entire main floor. Create different living areas with the arrangement of your furniture

Get the Right Lighting 

Lighting in a contemporary home tends to be functional, with various tasks lights throughout the space. In general, look for lamps and light fixtures that use metal and glass in the design. They should be sleek, not frilly. 

Another key to the contemporary look is to incorporate a lot of natural light. Choose a home with oversized windows. Choose a lot that will position your home in just the right spot to make use of the sunlight and select curtains that allow the light in. When you do this, you’ll only have to use lights when the sun goes down. 

Create Spa-Like Bathrooms 

Those who like the contemporary look tend to prefer luxurious, spa-like bathrooms, especially when it comes to the ensuite off of the master bedroom. Things like tile floors, quartz or granite countertops, a deep soaking tub, and an oversized shower can all help create this look. Your builder will have many options for those who want this style. 

Mix It Up 

Contemporary style is always changing. It’s based on the looks that are hot right now. However, one way people choose to personalize this look is by incorporating pieces from different times or including a favourite piece that might usually seem out of place. Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little bit if it means using the things that you love. When you do this, you make your home your own.

The contemporary look works well for many families, and it’s easy to get this look in today’s homes. Ask your builder or your interior designer about the best ways that you can incorporate this style into your home.


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