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7 Ways to Spend a Summer Day in Edmonton

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In just a few weeks, the kids are going to start up their endless chorus of “I’m bored”s, and you’re going to need to find a way to entertain them. Even if you don’t have kids, there’s something about summer that brings out those stir-crazy feelings where you just want to get out and enjoy a few summer activities.

We’ve put together this fun list of things that you can do around Edmonton in the summer. Whether you’re young or old, these fun places are sure to please! 

7 Ways to Spend a Summer Day in Edmonton Spray Park Image1. Cool Off at the Spray Parks 

When the days are hot and you don’t have your own pool to cool off in, Edmonton spray parks are just the solution you’re looking for. At each one, different structures squirt, spray, and drop cold water onto the kids – and the adults who don’t mind getting a little wet. The best thing about the spray parks is that they’re open all summer and completely free to use. Be advised they may occasionally close for maintenance or due to inclement weather, so check before heading out.

2. Go Bowling 

Bowling is great fun – especially if you haven’t been in a while. During the summers, kids can bowl free at many locations throughout Edmonton. There are also passes available that can cover the adults. The one caveat is most don’t include the rental fee for bowling shoes, but it’s worth asking if they have a special summer price for shoe rental. If you go often, consider purchasing a personal pair so that you don’t have to keep paying the fee. 

3. Play in a Natural Waterpark at Discovery Canyon 

It’s always nice to find yourself in the heart of nature, but during the hot summer months taking a hike is sometimes the last thing you want to do. At Discovery Canyon, you’ll find a natural waterpark that’s fun for the whole family. You can rent inner tubes for just $5 (plus $15 deposit), and ride them through the man-made river that passes through the park. The flow is gentle, so even little ones can safely enjoy their float. There’s also a regular beach for swimming or relaxing in your tube. 

7 Ways to Spend a Summer Day in Edmonton Telescope Image4. Check Out the Stars 

There’s nothing quite like spending a night staring up at the stars. Head out to a park far from the city lights and you’ll be amazed at what you see. This year, the peak viewing time for the Perseid meteor shower is August 11 -13, and since the moon will only be a sliver you’ll have a nice, dark backdrop to see as many meteors as possible. 

If you’d like something a little more up-close, check out the RASC observatory at the TELUS World of Science. They have special viewings on weekend nights, whenever the skies are clear. It’s is the perfect time to take the kids to look through a telescope without having to worry about school the next day.

5. Tour the Botanical Gardens 

The botanical gardens at the University of Alberta are so big that you’ll need to plan to stay a few hours so you can take your time exploring the Japanese garden, the butterfly house, and the new Aga Khan garden. They have a little something for everyone, and there are special events throughout the summer if you’d prefer a class or a guided tour. 

6. Live History at Fort Edmonton Park 

Fort Edmonton Park is always a fun time, and you can learn a surprising amount of history just from watching people re-enact the daily lives of those from the past. It’s hard to see and experience everything in a single day, so be sure to check out the map ahead of time and make a plan so that you don’t miss the things you really want to see. Better yet, for about the cost of two days there, you can get a Flexi Pass and go as often as you want throughout the season. 

7. Go Ice Skating at Millennium Place 

People always think of ice skating as a winter event, so it can feel like a special treat to strap on your skates in the middle of the summer. Ice skating at Millennium Place may just be the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. 

Sometimes you’re happy to spend a summer day barbecuing in your own backyard, but there’s plenty to do around Edmonton for the days that you just want to get out there. We hope you enjoy these activities and any others you choose to try!


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